Our Sponsors


The AAAwards 2021 is sponsorship is to be drawn from a wide range of partners, key partner is the Ministry of Agriculture Animal industry and Fisheries and many other partners are invited to sponsor the award. Sponsorships are invited from the Corporate, industry, whole food, agriculture and farming chain, these are not just leaders in their own right but a powerful and a collective force which yields influence and expertise inside and outside the agriculture sector. Together they are inspiring and supporting Uganda Agriculture excellence. Be part of the great team of sponsors. More partners are invited to sponsor the AAAwards by contacting our partnership teams on 0392822410.

Areas of Sponsorship

  • AWARDS gala night (includes Venue, Meals, entertainment, drinks, decorations, ushers, venue, PA, live Tv broadcast etc )
  • Judges meetings and verification field visits (includes transportation)
  • Prizes/Awards
  • Publicity-(Advertising, infortising, media campaigns)
  • Branding and Lighting at the event
  • 2021 AAAwards publication-Branded
  • Facilitation (nomination management ,transportation, coordination)