The Annual Agricultural Awards Nomination and Selection Criterion


Nomination for the AAA wards is open to the public, nominations shall be made by individuals, organizations, responsible partners, stakeholders and the public. nomination forms shall be provided both online (through various Platforms) hard copy printed in newspapers and also picked in public places like banks, office receptions, district headquarters, sub county headquarters and many other places and Online platforms. An SMS platform is to be provided for Tele nominations. Nominations shall be followed up with a physical and verification call to the nominators to acquire more information to enable the judges follow up and verify the credibility of the nominated personalities, individuals and organizations.

The AA wards are both competitive and recognitory based on assessment by a selection committee, the Awards are not competitive but rather motivation for best service provision and advocacy as well as support for agriculture development in Uganda. Despite being recognitory, the Awards will be very competitive at the assessment level.

A  Panel of judges based on expertise, experience, and involvement will critically be looking through various nominations, verifying, crosschecking, consulting, and selecting the best.

Subcommittees in various districts and sectors have also been set up to ease the verification process and to help the nomination processes. These shall be composed of district leaders and other technical officers.

Peoples Choice Awards (subject to a vote) Awards Categories


The AAA wards have been designed to recognize a wider range of players. There are two types of Categories. The People’s choice and the Jury awards. The categories have been thought out by members of a judging committee. Some of the key categories teased out focus on the entire Agricultural value chain and not limited to just farming.

  1. 2022 Agricultural Research Award .
  2. 2022 Extension Worker Award of the Year.
  3. 2022 National Agribusiness Award
  4. 2022 National Agritourism Award
  5. 2022 National Agroecology Award
  6. 2022 Food Systems Award
  7. 2022 Policy makers’ Award.(aims to motivate policy advocacy)
  8. 2022 National AgriTech Award (Focusing on contributions towards development of Agritechs),
  9. 2022 National Agriculture NGO Award.
  10. 2022 National Youth in Agribusiness Award
  11. 2022 AgriMedia Awards of the year(focusing on media coverage of agricultural issues and Agri-Journalist Awards of the year,)
  12. 2022 Livestock Development Award.(livestock and Diary Sector Awards)
  13. 2022 National AgriFinancers Award.(banks And other financial institutions helping agriculture sector)
  14. 2022 Public Service Excellence Award.( retired public servants)
  15. 2022 Seed Company Award
  16. National Agriculture Education Award (focusing on agriculture teachers ,colleges of excellence, Universities , Lecturers and teachers)
  17. 2022 Farmers Organization Award
  18. National Farmer Award 2022-(partnership with the newvision
  19. 2022 Coffee Sector Award
  20. 2022 National Diary Champion Award
  21. 2022 National Agriculture Sector Agency Award