AAAwards Duration of and Scope of the Awards


The Annual Agricultural Awards were first announced mid 2014 at the African Union Commission by the then Commissioner for Agriculture department Hon, Rhoda Peace Tumusiime , However, but due to multiple activities then and changes at the Agriculture Ministry in Uganda, the Awards did not take off., However, the will to ensure the Awards are fulfilled to position the sector to greater heights and appreciate various players as well as enhance voices of various agriculture sector audiences. These have already been invited to nominate their Champions and heroes from various communities. Being the inaugural event, the nominations are ongoing and will last for four months, from September to End-February 2022.

Judges Committee/ Selection Committee

A committee to vet the awardees has been already been composed, experts have been drawn from various areas, platforms organizations and districts to vet and go through the nominated persons. These include: policy makers, experienced scientists, extension agencies, farmers, research, private sector and media among others.


The AAA Prizes will vary to category, these will range from medals, plagues, Farm implements, animals, certificates, learning trips, land and many others.(as committed by the selection committee and partners  at selection level  but rather depend on a decision reached by selection committee drawn from  various sectors and fields of expertise).

Objectives of the Awards


The overall aim of the Awards is to provide a national platform for the Recognition , Motivation, inspiration, identification and exposure of Ugandans Contributing to the development of the Agriculture Sector.

The specific objectives are to:

  1. Recognise the past efforts played by various personalities, and entities in the Agriculture Revolution since independence.
  2. Showcase and appreciate role models in the agriculture sector.
  3. Profile best players and unsung heroes.
  4. Encourage all stakeholders to participate actively in sector development for better future.
  5. Motivate and Inspire tomorrow’s agro Heroes and Champions to understand that Agriculture is the future.
  6. Ensure a sustainable Culture of appreciating unsung heroes in the sector.
  7. Create a competitive agriculture sector to ensure transparent and good service delivery in Uganda

The 2021 Awards theme “Agriculture, Business & innovations for Development”.

Awards Categories

The AAA wards have been designed to recognize a wider range of players. The categories have been thought out by members of a judging committee. Some of the key categories teased out focus on the entire Agricultural value chain and not limited to just farming.

  1. Best scientists-Agricultural Research.
  2. 2021 Extension Worker Award of the Year.
  3. Agribusiness and Agriprenuer Award 2021
  4. 2021 Policy makers’ Award. (aims to motivate policy advocacy)
  5. Golden Jubilee Agricultural Award (Focusing on contributions to agricultural development in last 50years),
  6. Exceptional Personalities and change Champions award.
  7. AgriMedia Awards of the year(focusing on media coverage of agricultural issues and Agri-Journalist Awards of the year,)
  8. Agri-Insurance Award.
  9. Agro Financers Award 2021.(banks And other financial institutions helping agriculture sector)
  10. Agri – Tech Awards (focusing on Agri-Digital Innovations Award,  innovations that have transformed agriculture, ICT for agriculture innovations
  11. 2021 Agri-Partners Recognition Awards (Donors)
  12. Public Service Excellence Award.( retiring public servants)
  13. 2021 Agro Dealers Award
  14. 2021 Seed Companies Award
  15. Agriculture Education Award(focusing on agriculture teachers ,colleges of excellence, Universities , Lecturers and teachers)
  16. 2021 Farmers Organization Award- regional focused (split into categories-best National farmer organization of the year, Rural transformative farmer organization  of the year, dairy farmer organization of the year, farm worker of the year, farm manager of the year, green energy farmer of the year, poultry farmer of the year, pig farmer of the year, goat farmer of the year, farmer breeder of the year, young farmer of the year, beef farmer of the year, Fish Farm/Farmer of the Year).
  17. 2021 Research Institute of the Year.(recognizing Research institutes impacting on the community.